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In 1988 construction begun, so that 5 years later, in 1992 the owner Ljupcho Gjorgjevski founded the company MELNICA KADINO...

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Wheat Flour


From the richest wheat fields, nurtured by the rays of the sun, with commitment supervised by experts, we collect the best wheat...


... Grain by grain thoroughly analyze and test its quality, to select just the perfect wheat grains...


... These grains in the hands of our skilled miller processed into flour with the highest quality and ideal structure...


"Moeto Brasno" is the result of our commitment and desire for Your experience in the kitchen to be remembered on table!

Filo Pies

The Product
The Product
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The Brand
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Retail Packaging
Food Service
Food Service

Our Quality and
Safety Policy

QualityVision: Our vision is to be the largest manufacturer of all-purpose wheat flour in the Republic of Macedonia and the largest manufacturer and exporter of pre-baked and fresh frozen filo pies in South-Eastern Europe.

Mission: Our mission is to meet the needs of our buyers and consumers by offering them high quality products for personal as well as for Food Services purposes in R. Macedonia and World Wide.

Goal: Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our buyers and consumers through high quality products which are safe for the health. By accomplishing this we generate satisfied and loyal consumers. Our company stands as a symbol for professionalism.

Our Story

Our StoryIn 1988 construction begun, so that 5 years later, in 1992 the owner Ljupcho Gjorgjevski founded the company MELNICA KADINO. At the beginning the capacity was small and limited to 18 tons of wheat processing in 24 hours. In the years to come, the organization grew, so that in 1999 it doubled its capacity to 40 tons of wheat processing within 24 hours...

Today, KADINO is a successful organization with 50 employees full time and 50 employees part time, with future plans to be a large international organization. Thanks to the constant high quality of the products, KADINO is developed into a leading manufacturer of mill, pre-baked, fresh frozen products in Macedonia...

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D.P.P. Kadino Industry Group DOOEL,
ul. 10 br. 43 s. Kadino,
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel: ++389 2 258 14 04
Fax: ++389 2 258 14 06

E:-mail: customerservice@kadino.com.mk